When Life Flips You Sales and Marketing Bird Poop

Well, it finally happened.

Something I’d been dreading for two years FINALLY came to pass. And, as is usual when something stupid happens, there’s powerful, sales and marketing lesson in it.

Here’s the story:

Since moving to the coast 2 years ago, I’ve made it a habit (when it’s not raining, at least) to walk my dog on the beach.

And each time we get there, we have to walk past this giant group of seagulls. And each time we approach them, they go crazy, flying around all over the place. And each time I KNOW they’re gonna take a dump (i.e. poop) on me.

Well guess what?

Last Friday, it finally happened. A big gooping mess flew right onto my sleeve.


Anyway, here’s why you should care:

This kinda-sorta happens in sales and marketing, too. No matter who you are… or how SUCCESSFUL you are… you are always going to be faced with things you dread in business.

Something annoying you KNOW is coming… eventually.

The “marketing bird poop” that, as much as you wish otherwise, is going to land smack dab on you one way or another.

Maybe it’s an objection you’ve been scared to death someone will ask. Or you’ll get a question you feared answering because you don’t know the answer. Or perhaps you will deal with a client who’s a pain in the rear you have to “fire.”

Look, business bird poop can take any number of forms.

And it always sucks when it lands on you.

But you know what I discovered?

When that bird poop landed on me, after 2 years of KNOWING it was going to happen, it wasn’t that big a deal.

For one thing, it landed on my sleeve. It could’ve been worse — and landed in my face, right? And it just wasn’t a big thing at all. I simply went home, took the shirt off, and went about my day.

It’s the same in your business, too.

When bird poop hits you (and it WILL) be thankful it wasn’t worse. Just take off your shirt, throw it away and move on.
Do that and next time you probably won’t dread it.

In fact, you’ll laugh at it.