Sales and Marketing: Partners In Crime – And Company Success

The sales and marketing team share a common goal: generate new business and keep existing business coming back. OK, so that’s two goals, but the idea being sales and marketing need to team up and work as a well oiled machine. The fact of the matter is that two hands are better than one. Below are some tips on how sales and marketing can support each other to achieve success:

1. Put Yourself in Their Shoes
Take some time to shadow a colleague in the marketing department and vice versa. Really pay attention to what they do to generate leads for you. Ask if you can help with an upcoming project. Show that you are willing to learn. You will develop an appreciation for your marketing department, and they will greatly appreciate the help.

2. Take the Time to Give Them Your Feedback
Marketers love data. If you can provide feedback, both positive and negative, you will help your marketing team provide better leads. Ask them what data they would like to see-both positive and negative. Then use your resources do record information in each prospect’s file.

3. Share, Share, Share!
Help your marketing department by sharing the content that they create. Every sales person should be using social media, especially LinkedIn, so help spread the word! You will benefit yourself too, by attracting more leads, and your customer base will be happy to see you excited and involved!

4. Help Create Content
Get excited when asked to contribute to content marketing. It is an opportunity to expand and improve your pipeline with new leads, build your reputation and show customers that you are knowledgeable and experienced.

5. Work Every Single Lead
Look at every lead as an opportunity. Perhaps they won’t be your largest customer, but they could be a great fit for affiliate or partner marketing

6. Keep Customers Happy
According to Mike Volpe, VP of Marketing at HubSpot, it is essential to keep your customers happy. There is still nothing more powerful than a referral and positive word of mouth.