Internet Sales and Marketing Tips – How to Absolutely Dominate Internet Sales and Marketing!

Internet sales and marketing is the place to be if you are truly serious about your financial future. In my opinion this is the absolute fastest, easiest, most fun, most rewarding way to make money. I could write a novel on the amount of ways that you could build a massive fortune through internet sales and marketing.

Internet sales and marketing is the future! People are losing their jobs left and right, or FEAR losing their jobs, and need alternate sources of income. By simply positioning yourself properly you can and will be able to cement yourself as a leader and profit off these massive droves of people until the end of time.

Internet sales and marketing can be done on complete auto-pilot. It feels great waking up checking your email and finding that WHILE YOU WERE SLEEPING people bought your products and made you RICH.

To be successful at internet sales and marketing you simply have to have a solid product (not something AMAZING), and a little marketing training. The great thing about taking your business online is that EVERYTHING that you need to know to succeed can be found easily, learned, and mastered within a very short period of time. Another great thing about the internet is the AMOUNT OF TRAFFIC that it gets.

The internet gets traffic to the tune of billions of people per day. These people are searching in the Google, Bing, and yahoo for the solutions to their financial problems. With internet marketing you can strategically craft messages to EXACTLY what people are typing into the search engines leading them down a marketing funnel that will bring you money!

The Absolute best thing about internet sales and marketing is that you do not even need to sell a physical product. People are in search of a better life. All you need to do is MARKET INFORMATION! Knowledge is the best selling product on the market right now, and guess what, it is a never ending resource.

You simply need to give away the information that people need and are looking for and THAT’S IT! Once you keep providing valuable content people will keep coming back to you until the end of time.

The key to being great at internet sales and marketing is to take immediate action. Get in the game! Do not wait until tomorrow. To find out more about where you can get proper training read below and click the link!

Affiliate Marketing For Newbies – What’s the Difference Between Sales and Marketing?

Like all forms of online marketing, it is unfortunate that there is a stigma that comes attached to Affiliate Marketing when someone is first introduced to it. On the surface, it sounds just like every other scheme aimed at cheating the honest out of their hard-earned dollars. There is a difference between Marketing and forcing someone to look at something and the earlier that Affiliate Marketing beginners can differentiate between the two, the faster they can expect that first unexpected sale standing triumphantly in their online account.

To remove this stigma, let’s try understanding just what it means to be a Marketer. Forget that we’re doing this affiliate thing for a moment. What do think it means to be a Marketer? In all truth, if you’ve never studied the subject then there’s no shame in admitting that you might not know the first difference between sales and marketing, say. I sure don’t; my background is in Science. I pursue Affiliate Marketing as a business I run on the side. But anyway, back to the definition.

When you think of a salesperson, the first thing that comes to mind is that fake, pushy person you always want to avoid. They try to persuade you that the thing they’re trying to sell is the next best thing since sliced bread. Ultimately, they’re trying to make you buy something that you don’t want. A marketer on the other hand has a completely different job.

A marketer is given a product and their job is to analyse what kind of person would most like to purchase and use the product. They perform analysis on societal demographics most relevant to the product. For example, if the product is something physical and needs shipping, then the marketer has to take into account the costs related to it and the chance someone living further out might want to buy it compared to the relative probability that someone living close may buy it. Basically, they help solve people’s problems by matching them up with products they may want to buy.

This may come as a revelation to those of you who often associated sales and marketing as the same thing. It’s so commonly uttered within the same phrase by college students or university graduates, for example, “I just graduated from university with a Bachelor of Business, majoring in sales and marketing”. Oh you poor thing, we immediately think. You’re going to become one of the shunned and despised in society, along with the politicians and other people who put on a mask everyday because their occupation requires them to.

I’m not a salesperson, so I’m in no place to criticise what it’s like to be one. All I can say is that marketing if a noble profession and an interesting hobby. The plain fact is, anyone who likes or is good at understanding people, anyone who is able to show empathy or anyone who is able to draw people in with their positive nature have the potential to excel as marketers. That is why Affiliate Marketing is such a popular avenue to make money online; as long as you are “human”, you can do it.

Controlling the Assumptions of Your Sales and Marketing Strategy

When you incorporate a new strategy into your service business there are certain assumptions that are made upon which the success of your strategy relies. These assumptions need to be monitored and controlled to give your company the greatest chance of accomplishing your stated objectives. The assumptions we make as business leaders are limited to two primary areas: 1) the external environment and how it will change, and 2) the industry in which we operate.

1) Outside Environment. The external environment is something that we really have no control over, but we can make some intelligent predictions about what will or may happen and then determine how we should shape our strategy in light of those predictions. Consider for a second how new housing developments in your city might affect your business. While you have little say in whether or not the developments actually happen, the fact that they take place means you have new opportunities to offer your services to a larger group of people and you can plan your sales and marketing efforts accordingly. Other assumptions can be made about inflation, new governmental regulations regarding employment or quality standards, or major demographic shifts.

2) Industry Changes. Industry changes will also affect the successful implementation of your strategy. They may come from competitors, suppliers, or distribution partners. If a competitor is scaling back and reducing staff, it might create an opportunity to enhance our presence. If we predict that a supplier will raise prices, we may need to adjust our own pricing or start looking for a new supplier to maintain our required margins.

Making the assumptions is the easy part. Controlling them is a different matter. The first thing to remember is that you only need to keep tabs on the assumptions that could have a drastic impact on your success. Think again about the housing development example. If the housing market stumbles and development stops, you will have to rethink your prospecting strategy and make adjustments. So how can we keep our eyes on upcoming changes and make those adjustments?

1) Conduct market tests. If you think your suppliers will raise their prices in the next 6-12 months, do a test run of your products/services at a higher price point and see how the market reacts to your pricing change. If the reaction is reasonable, maybe you don’t need to look for a new supplier. If the reaction is drastic, you better get on Google and search for someone new.

2) Schedule time to analyze your strategy at key points throughout the year. Conduct a quarterly review of your assumptions and compare how they align with reality.

3) Read, re-read, then read some more (and go to a conference). The Wall St. Journal, industry publications and blogs, social networking sites, local newspapers, and conferences are great sources of information about what is changing and how it might affect your business.

If your sales and marketing strategy is established for the next few months, remember to watch out for current trends in your industry and in the external environment. It will help you stay on top of any changes coming your way that require a an adjustment in your strategy.