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How Will Letting Go Affect Your Sales and Marketing?

We are more attractive when we let go!

Let’s take a moment and consider if there is any area of your businesses or life where you feel tension or tightness — any area that is not flowing freely or where there appears to be a blockage.

Making more money in your business is about removing the blocks to the full free flow of energy. Money is like everything else in the material world. It is made up of energy and it flows. The vehicle through which the energy flows is your four bodies; mental, physical, emotional, and Spiritual. So any blocks to the full free flow of money/energy in your life or business will be felt somewhere in your body in the form of tension.

Is the tension being caused by holding on too tight? If so, then to what are you holding on to?

Is it:

* a pre-conceived idea
* a judgment
* an unfulfilled desire
* a need to control
* a fear
* or some other handle

Is it possible to imagine your hand releasing its hold on this handle?
What do you think would happen if you did let go of the ‘handle’?
Is it possible to allow yourself to let a potential breakdown occur in order to make way to a breakthrough?

Can you sense how the release and liberation from tension will feel? Is it possible to see where this newly released flow of energy will lead? Are there any additional possibilities available as a result of this new-found freedom? How will it affect your sales and marketing program?

Mr Spock’s Sales and Marketing Nerve Pinch

Have you seen the new Star Trek movie and it’s world class sales and marketing secret?

If not, you can learn a TON about selling (in any medium) just by observing James T. Kirk and Mr. Spock. Kirk being the main honcho on the spaceship in the TV show, and Spock being his pointy-eared first officer.

How so?

Well, when you watch the movie you’ll notice…

1. Kirk’s an impulsive, “leap-before-looking” kinda dude.

2. Spock is the opposite — analytical, logical, and thorough.

And you want to know what?

In some ways, they represent EVERY prospect you’ll ever sell to.

And if you want to give yourself a nice “leg up” in business, all you have to do is recognize whether the person/people you sell to are Kirks or Spocks.

For example:

Let’s put on our dorky pointy Vulcan ears and robes for a second, and pretend it’s the year 2,300 (or whenever Star Trek takes place) and you sell cool phaser ray guns and want a big old fatty Star Feet weapons contract.

And you know you’re going to deal with either Kirk or Spock.

Well, I don’t know about you…

But I’d sell to Kirk WAY differently than to Spock.

For one thing, I’d much rather sell to Kirk.

After all, Kirk’s impulsive, energetic and, if you can make a decent case, will buy without hardly any resistance. In fact, as long as you appeal to his ego, you can slather your sales pitch with all the hype and excitement you want — the more the merrier.

Not so with Spock.

If you get stuck selling to Spock it’s a whole new game.

Spock isn’t going to respond well to a high energy, hypey pitch. He’s going to require a LOT more proof and “reason why”. And you also better have a super logical presentation that flows without a bump or a bobble.

Plus, Spock is going to ask many more questions.

He’s not going to tolerate any “winging it”, either. You either have your stuff wrapped tight or he’ll give you a nerve pinch and eject you off the ship!

Anyway, here’s the point:

It’s not easy selling to Spock. But selling to Kirk is like taking candy from a baby.

Chances are, you’ll often have to deal with both.

If you “custom fit” your sales and marketing to appeal to one or the other (depending on the situation), you’ll make more sales.

And live long and prosper (big time).

B2B Data – Ultimate Contrivance for Sales and Marketing Attainment

B2B is e-commerce among businesses. B2B is the deal between a buyer and a seller, and a wholesaler to retailer. For a fewer time use and enhanced trading opportunities, companies find reliable sales leads that offer the concise B2B data. The basic benefit of B2B is that it permits companies to focus on their sales and marketing endeavors. These lists contain all the information of potential market customers, their phone numbers, email addresses, company’s reputation and other information.

B2B data of a company covers all the potential leads and concerned parties at a known B2B marketplace. They present up-to-date business accounts and contact details. There are several benefits of B2B data. Some of the benefits include:

- It is helpful for the company because it diminishes the time it gets to trace the potential customer(s). Furthermore, it condenses the sales cycle times. Condense sales cycle time means companies invoice faster; get paid sooner and through this, a company can check the progress of their cash flows.

- These data let companies to focus on their marketing effectiveness and attempts.

- Improving market effort is one advantage of having B2B data, but it also recognizes the close sales. Close sales means to rapidly get more customers.

- They also offer key account information and email addresses so the company can improve their aptitude of email marketing campaigns.

- They help in direct mailing and telemarketing campaigns.

- B2B data cultivates your company’s sales and boost your company’s market shares.

- B2B data make all the information available that helps out to amplify the sales and marketing effort of the company.

- This data can be best used by the company in email marketing campaigns, telemarketing, direct marketing and mailing marketing campaigns. Email marketing affirms the firm’s image in front of the customer. Companies engage in telemarketing to understand the short sales cycle. Without these B2B data companies may spend a lot of money, time and resources. Mail marketing campaign offer sales leads to approach possible customer(s).

B2B data is extremely essential for a growing business, identifying sales opportunities and competing with your competitors in a better way and less time. This is the era in which all companies need to get in touch with the customer and exploit decision-making and for this purpose, B2B data is the best utensil offered. If a company has fewer reserves, organizing B2B leads can be a very monotonous job.