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Creating a Mini Sales and Marketing Strategy in Less Than Three Hours

Start by ensuring you have enough information and data available at your fingertips. That’s the secret.

Here are the steps to Creating a Sales and Marketing Strategy quickly and effectively:

Step 1: Take an A4 size of paper and title it Sales and Marketing Strategy.

Then rule it with two horizontal lines across about one inch down from top and two vertical lines to form three equal columns. Title these columns, Channels, Strategy, How often.

Step 2: Under Channels write down as many strategies that you can think of for contacting. Write down (in this exercise) a minimum of 4. Let’s say one of those channels is “Contacting prospects.” Under Strategy write down at least four strategies you could use to contact prospects. For example:

Internet, Advertising, Letters, Telephone calling.

Write four strategies for each of the channels so you should have a minimum of 16 strategies.

Step 3: Under “how often” enter how often you will practice the particular strategy.

For example, if one of the strategies in the middle column is letters, you may enter “once a week for two months” or whatever the time period is that you work out as being effective for you.

Realise that frustration may set in after a while if you don’t concentrate but don’t give in. You are almost there and have nearly accomplished your task. You will be well rewarded once you have finished.

Again, the real secret is to have self generating strategies going out the door, so that your methods are automated to ensure a continual source of leads.

Stop Unwanted Sales and Marketing Phone Calls in the UK

How many times have you sat down to dinner with your family, or settled down to watch your favorite TV program only to be interrupted by the telephone ringing?

Frustrating at the best of times, but then you get up to answer the phone and it is yet another unwanted sales call. You calmly and politely explain to the caller that you are not interested but they still persist in trying to tell you about their product or services.

Staying calm, you politely tell them that you are not interested for a second time and, again the salesperson continues with the sales patter. Frustrated you just hang up.

What if there was a way that you could stop receiving all those unwanted sales calls.

Well, you can. The telephone preference service (TPS) operates in the UK, with just that aim in mind.

Paid for by the direct marketing industry in the UK, the TPS allows individuals in the UK to register their wish to opt out of receiving unsolicited sales and marketing telephone calls. It is a legal requirement that companies do not make such calls to numbers registered with the TPS.

Quite simply, all you have to do is visit the website, click on “Register” and follow the instructions to have your number included on the TPS register.

Registering with the TPS is completely free of charge and you will stop receiving unsolicited calls just 28 days after registering your number.

If you should receive unsolicited calls after this you can visit the TPS website again and make a complaint against the company that called you.

Why Ninja Sales and Marketing Tactics Will Kill Your Profits on the Battlefield

I saw this great TV show the other night on Spike TV with a huge sales and marketing lesson in it, called “Deadliest Warrior.”

Basically, the show created a theoretical fight between a Spartan warrior (i.e. the movie “300″) and a ninja. And what they did was, they took both their common attacks and defenses, and created a fantasy “death match” between them via computer and expert analysis.

So who won?

The Spartan impaled the ninja dude with his spear!

It wasn’t even close.

And this was despite the ninja dude having steel armor and weapons (compared to the Spartan’s bronze armor and weapons)… and despite him having more advanced “technology.”

Anyway, all this blood and carnage got me thinking about marketing.

I believe every marketer falls into one of two categories:

“Spartans” or “Ninjas”.

Just like in the show, both can do lots of damage. But, just like in the show, the Spartan marketer wins hands down.

Why do I say this?

Because like his warrior counterpart, the Spartan marketer uses ancient (yet 100% reliable) principles that work as effectively today as they did 2,500 hundred years ago. While the ninja marketer (like his warrior counterpart) skulks around in the shadows, using tricks and “black hat” techniques that rely on cheating, lying and constantly gaming the system.

This is sort of how it was in the show, too.

At the end, the ninja expert even admitted it when he said (paraphrased): “The ninja wouldn’t even fight the Spartan. He’d just wait until nightfall and kill him in his sleep…”


Anyway, just something to think about.

There are lots of idiots teaching the ninja marketing stuff. But when you look closely, they’re always forced to create new, questionably ethical tricks (as their old ones become obsolete) to keep in the game. And because of this, they always seem to be on the run (from Google slaps, bad reviews, the law, etc).

The Spartan marketer doesn’t Mickey Mouse around like that.

Instead, he dominates his market using timeless principles that work no matter the product, market or economic conditions.

With no black hat tricks needed.

And no sneaking around required.

In the end, he kicks the ninja marketer’s butt.