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Basic Questions Put Forward by an Interviewer During an Interview For a Job in Sales and Marketing

In the present time, the field of Sales and Marketing is full of ups and downs, where a candidate has to meet regular challenges. In order to establish yourself in this field, you need to prove yourself, an efficient contender to a post for which you are being interviewed.

1. How can you define the term Sales Management?

Well, Sales Management can be best defined as the attainment of the sales goals, set by a firm in an efficient manner before the scheduled deadline. It can be achieved through synchronized planning, training, proper staffing and by effectively directing the organizational reserves. This article deals with all those questions which you may face.

2. How did your past experiences help you in establishing a career in the field of sales and marketing?

Some real-world experiences including the college internship activities, traveling abroad, and a few commercial opportunities have made me determine my business-oriented career. On my training days, while I was employed in a private firm, in Australia, I prepared a marketing strategy comprising of twenty pages advocating additional effective ways, which the company could execute in order to promote its services.

I had an international traveling experience twice, where I was introduced to many other trading opportunities.It was then, when I started seeing myself as a smart marketing professional.

3. How will you achieve your goals? Have you already taken an initiative regarding accomplishing your goal?

I’ve done some study on the experiences of some other folks in the field of marketing to see as that how they accomplished their objectives. I plan on pursuing my studies in the field of commerce where I will get a MBA degree for myself. It will provide me with more extensive knowledge regarding operating a business and the tips and tricks of economical analysis.

4. How will you deal with a fast-paced situation?

Well sir, I will try to express myself in an influential manner. I will work smartly in order to highlight my potential. I will try to demonstrate myself as an efficient motivator having leadership qualities along with exceptional communication skills. I will set an example before others.

5. Tell me how you will manage to handle the stress and pressure of completing a target, effectively before the expiry of your deadline?

I will prepare myself mentally and put in more efforts in order to handle my venture clearly, drastically and in an enthusiastic manner. I will leave no stone unturned, finishing my assignments in a jovial frame of mind. I am not going to let my work seem hectic for me at any point of time.

I am sure that by now, you must be familiar with the kind of questions put forward by the interviewers. You need to prepare yourself accordingly. So, good luck and perform well!

Sales and Marketing Best Practices: Lead Generation Yesterday, Today, and Tomorrow

Business is constantly evolving. From new manufacturing methods, to new methods of power generation, to new tools and equipment, things never stay the same for long. The same is true for lead generation and sales and marketing methodologies – techniques that worked 20 years ago may be useless today, and what you’re doing today may not work five years from now. Let’s review some tools from years past, take a look at what’s working today, and get a glimpse into where sales and marketing is headed into the future. Each marketing method is followed parenthetically by a generalization of when the method has been or will be effective. Yesterday infers it was effective, today infers it is still effective and tomorrow infers it will be effective in the future.

CANVASSING (Yesterday)

Canvassing was a popular method of generating leads in the past and for some salespeople is still in use today, though increased fuel costs and efficiency are rapidly pushing canvassing into obsolescence. There are generally two types, broadcast door to door canvassing of large areas of a salesperson’s territory and incremental canvassing whereby a salesperson drops off brochures in an abutting area before or after an on-site prospect or client visit.


  • “Face time” with a prospect – many believe this gives them a better chance of establishing rapport and ultimately closing a sale.
  • Ability to read the prospect’s non-verbal cues
  • Material is guaranteed to be received as opposed to direct mail


  • Travel time
  • Travel expense
  • Can only reach a small number of prospects at any given time
  • Inability to do other work while canvassing


Direct mail campaigns, and their successors, fax campaigns, were popular over the last few decades and still remain in use today. But those days are likely ending as mail and printing costs increase and fax technology wanes.


  • Reach out to many prospects simultaneously
  • Less expensive than canvassing
  • Can create inbound leads
  • Somewhat measurable by setting up specific call in numbers or promotional codes


  • Largely ineffective – most end up in the trash
  • Still relatively expensive
  • Especially poor results in B2B sales
  • Must be paired with effective follow up
  • Not a “green” solution
  • Not reusable like email marketing

TELESALES (Yesterday, Today, and Tomorrow)

Telesales has been around for decades and is still used by many businesses. It will likely continue, in some manner or form, for the foreseeable future, though it may not be effective a decade from now.


  • Relatively inexpensive
  • Adds activity to pipelines rapidly
  • Consistent – callers can read from a script
  • Ability to reach many prospects daily
  • No travel time or expense
  • Can sometimes reach decision makers directly


  • Labor intensive
  • Difficult to do well and maintain high quality appointment setters
  • Often seen as an annoyance by busy executives (it is a form of interruption marketing)
  • May require getting through gatekeepers, multiple layers of management
  • Voice mail, caller ID, cell phones and other advancements will impede future efficacy

EMAIL MARKETING (Today and Tomorrow)

Email Marketing has been around for over a decade and is still an effective means of generating quality leads when done correctly. The key to effective B2B eMarketing is to offer valuable content and build a comprehensive opt in email list.


  • Inexpensive and reusable
  • Can reach very large numbers of prospects simultaneously
  • Can target specific industries, titles
  • Easy to change or re-purpose a message
  • Requires less labor
  • Design flexibility
  • Ability to track metrics and quantify results


  • Requires some technical expertise
  • Requires an understanding of eMarketing best practices
  • Difficult to do well
  • SPAM issues
  • Many emails go unread, spam filters, fire walls, junk mail folders, etc.

WEBINARS/WEB MEETINGS (Today and Tomorrow)

Webinars and web meetings are a relatively recent, cost-effective method of generating leads and closing sales. It’s becoming the preferred method of selling for many sales people and companies today, and the trend will accelerate in the future.


  • Inexpensive
  • Can reach out to one or many prospects simultaneously
  • Allows for more personal interaction
  • No travel time or expense required
  • Allows for multitasking
  • Cancellations/rescheduling are not a problem
  • Can be used for internal or external purposes
  • Allows you to demonstrate your value proposition
  • Can be conducted from anywhere with internet connectivity


  • Requires experience and technical expertise
  • Requires special software
  • Inability to read non-verbal signals


Social media marketing is a new and exciting field whereby you reach out to prospects through non-traditional, web based means. Even in highly traditional industries, we’re witnessing a move toward SEO, social media marketing and blogging. For example, insurance agency SEO and law firm SEO are two emerging verticals as these professional service companies join the ranks of high tech companies and other leading edge companies in optimizing their websites.


  • More people are using social networking websites every day
  • Cutting edge – makes you look like a thought leader
  • Easy to target extremely large numbers of prospects simultaneously
  • Messages can be focused to very narrow groups if desired
  • Rapid feedback from prospects
  • Can be accessed from anywhere with internet connectivity
  • High future growth potential
  • Can be used for B2B or B2C


  • Can be difficult to measure ROI
  • Requires expertise across multiple platforms
  • B2B effectiveness debatable
  • Can be somewhat time intensive


Websites have been around for quite a while, but selling by using your website combined with search engine optimization can be extremely effective and is an area of high future growth.


  • Relatively inexpensive
  • Generates inbound leads
  • Very important future growth area
  • Very measurable
  • Builds a foundation for the future
  • Organic SEO has no incremental costs (no PPC budget required)


  • Requires technical expertise
  • Requires ongoing maintenance
  • PPC (Pay Per Click), the non organic SEO method does require an ongoing budget
  • May require additional personnel or an outsource for required skill sets

Though there are other marketing tools available including traditional networking, radio, TV and newspaper advertising to mention a few, the methods noted above cover a fairly broad perspective on frequently used, or soon to be used B2B marketing tools. Clearly, the internet has had an enormous impact on prospect marketing and lead generation. Over the past decade there has been a definitive transition from traditional face to face sales and marketing, to online and web based sales and marketing techniques. Even relatively new tools such as eMarketing and webinars/web meetings are being surpassed by website selling, search engine optimization, and social media marketing. And in this dog eat dog, marketing driven business world, it’s “innovate or die”.

Sales and Marketing Strategy – Article Marketing is King!

Do you search for a sales and marketing strategy that will make you money online? Then you should go for article marketing. Article marketing is easy to implement, give targeted traffic and nice results.

How to start with article marketing?

When you start with article marketing as your sales and marketing strategy, you first need to sign up for a EzineArticles account. EzineArticles is the best article directory and definitely the place to start. When you have sign up for an account it’s time to submit some articles. Try to write the articles with great Titles, good content and a killer resource box. The resource box is the text in the end where you can promote a website or anything else you prefer. Then submit your 10 first articles. You then have to wait until they get approved. It takes somewhere between 5-10 days. After they get approved you can submit another 25 articles and after that unlimited. It will then usually take maximum 48 hours to get them approved.

Keyword research – The most important part of article marketing

To get a lot of traffic to your articles you need to do some keyword research. This is maybe the most important part of article marketing. If you do your research properly, you will rank high in the search engines and get much traffic. It will then become a great sales and marketing strategy. To do your research you can use Google keyword tool. It is a free tool. You just put in your main keyword or phrase and you will get suggestions on other keywords that you can use. Try to use long tail keywords (keywords with 3-5 words or more) as they use to have lower competition. You can also see how many searches each keyword has per month. Try to pick the ones with a decent amount of searches but with low competition.

Build Backlinks to rank higher in the search engines

To get this method to be a good sales and marketing strategy it’s great to build some backlinks. Backlinks are links from other sites to your articles. If you build some backlinks it’s a much higher chance that your articles will get higher ranked in the search engines and that they will stay there for a long time. Be sure to use your keyword as the text link. Good places to build backlinks from are HubPages, Squidoo lenses, other article directories and free blogs like and