Sales and Marketing Jobs – The Fastest Path to Corporate Success

The founder and CEO of a well-established group of companies noted that the first and most important rule in sales and marketing is to educate yourself first. That is the primary reason why you go through the long years of education, work hard to earn your sales or marketing degree and prepare yourself to go out to the very competitive sales and marketing world.

Many people mistakenly consider sales and marketing as two identical entities. While the there is a direct, significant correlation between the two, they are also significantly different. Marketing is about reaching and persuading prospective customers to avail of your products and services. Sales, on the other hand, is the process of sealing the deal through a signed contract or an availed product or service. Without marketing, you would not have prospective customers what it is you are selling. Yet, without sales, your daily closing income would be depressing. To put it simply, marketing only matters if it is, at the end of the day, converted into sales. There is a continuous cycle between marketing and sales, and you must be able to understand it in order to be successful in the field.

It is highly understandable why many new graduates try their best to land a job that would speed them up to financial stability. Many of them believe it is the graduate marketing and sales job they are aspiring for that could bring them to that desired disposition. Graduate jobs in sales and marketing are the fastest path for college graduates to corporate success. This can be attributed to the fact that sales and marketing jobs are people-oriented occupations.

Marketing plans are important to a business’ success. The weight of this responsibility is typically carried on the shoulders of college graduates who occupy marketing positions. Most fresh graduates start out as marketing agents in various firms. The job responsibilities will challenge you to produce results in the form of sales. In addition to the training that the company you are working for provides, you also continue to develop certain skills that are necessary for you to communicate better with your prospects and customers. Those skill will keep the company moving in the direction that would meet the needs of your target market.

On the sales front, you should learn how to treat every customer like royalty. Relieve the customer of any obstacle in order to make things easier for him or her. Remember that a single obstacle might cause him or her doing business with you. Because of today’s highly competitive markets, it is very difficult to acquire and retain loyal customers. You have to keep giving them what they want and, at the same time, do so in the most pleasing and professional manner. Sales professionals continuously learn how to read their customers in order to provide better service. Passion grows for their customers that enables them to understand their thinking and reasons for buying.

It is important to note, however, how imperative it is for sales and marketing professionals to allow their target clientèle to take the lead. Instead of coming up with new services or products that are not really wanted by their prospects and customers, they should be able to offer genuine solutions that will turn any deal into a no-brainier. Knowing your target market needs will get you a long, long way.

Those who are able to come up with intelligent marketing strategies as well as those who are able to significantly raise the company’s closing rate will definitely be recognized. This success does not come without the individual’s constant willingness to learn new things and continuously develop the skills they already possess. Those attributes are the things that companies are looking for in every employee. Having those capabilities will definitely get you recognized and promoted in the long run.

Many people believe that the motivation that drives sales and marketing individuals has to do with the commissions companies usually offer when reaching a specific quota. It is no denying that this is partly true. However, the more important motivation are the individuals that sales and marketing people deal and commit with everyday. As already stated above, sales and marketing is all about people. Sales and marketing jobs require the individual to deal with people everyday. With the training that you gained from school and the company you work for, the skills you learn everyday and the passion you develop for your job, is what makes a real difference to your clients and to your overall success.

Being successful in sales and marketing may come relatively faster than other careers, but it still requires time and practice. If you commit yourself, keep an open mind, learn from your mistakes and be patient, your success will follow shortly.

Sales and Marketing Plan – If You Are a Wise Marketer You Can Fill Your Bank Account

You can’t put money in your bank account until you close some business. When you find it difficult to close business that’s a good indicator that you may have some gaps in your sales and marketing plan that are making it harder than it has to be to close more business. Two potential sources causing these gaps are your sales process or your marketing plan.

You can’t close more business until you have enough appointments with the right people. You know that when you have appointments with ready buyers it’s a no-brainer to close more business. The problem is that you don’t have very many appointments with those ready buyers. So you need to identify how you can hold more appointments with ready buyers.

How can you easily fill your appointment book each and every week with ready buyers? There are a number of ways you can make that happen including: setting more appointments with qualified referrals, not setting appointments with people who aren’t at least a real prospect, getting people to raise their hands as ready buyers through your marketing, and proactively using your marketing to move people to ready buyers. Each way is very doable and very effective, and when you use all of them you have a veritable money making machine.

What’s a qualified referral? A qualified referral is someone who has a need for what you have to offer, and the person referring them has talked to them about you, and asked them to call you. When you have a good referral system you get a significant amount of your business from qualified referrals. A good referral systems starts with helping your loyal customers to know who to refer to you and how to refer them.

Qualified prospects versus prospects versus suspects versus what are you doing even talking to these people? When you are new to sales you’re just happy to set an appointment with anyone that has a heart beat. That may be a good way for you to get practice and build your confidence, but it’s a really poor way to try to put money in the bank. To put money in the bank you need to spend your time with prospects, those that have a need for what you have to offer AND can make a yes decision AND have the money to do business with you, or qualified prospects. Qualified prospects are prospects you also have the inclination to take action, in other words, these are your ready buyers. For the most part, people aren’t calling you for appointments so you have control over who you set appointments with. Start saving your appointments for prospects and qualified prospects only. Then when you hold that appointment make sure you are using a fail-safe sales process to help them buy.

Marketing is the secret to filling your appointment book with appointments with the right people. A good marketing plan helps you to consistently and predictably have qualified prospects entering your sales funnel. That happens when you communicate the right message to the right people and you proactively take responsibility for making it the right time for them. Follow that up with a fail-safe sales process and you will fill your bank account.

How to Get Sales and Marketing Turnarounds Turned Around

When a company gets into trouble (which seems to be happening quite a bit these days), owners and investors often call in a turnaround team.

Typically, turnaround teams do two things. First, they identify everything that the company is spending money on . . . and that is not working. Then, they stop spending money on those things. Second, they get the company’s sales and marketing process turned around. Doing that is an extremely high priority because sales and marketing is where cash flow and profits come from. Without cash flow and profits nothing gets turned around.

Doing the first thing, cutting budgets, is relatively easy. Doing the second thing (getting sales and marketing turned around) can be very, very difficult. Here’s why . . .

As companies deteriorate, budgets are cut. And as budgets are cut, dissatisfied customers start to leave (eventually in droves). As disgruntled customers desert the company some share their displeasure with other people, frequently on websites visited by millions. Finally, the company’s reputation is damaged to the point that it simply cannot be turned around.

For a variety of reasons, few turnaround business leaders seem to accept the fact that it is frequently not cost-effective to turn around a damaged brand. Failing to recognize that fact, those leaders create an expectation among their sales and marketing team that their job is breathing new life into the old brand. When that happens, the potential to effect a sales and marketing turnaround is doomed.

To get sales and marketing turnarounds turned around, leaders need to 1) build and empower a cross-functional sales and marketing team; and then 2) get back to sales and marketing basics.

A cross-functional sales and marketing team needs to include representatives from all three of the business process “dots” that Promise, Produce and Deliver what customers want (and will pay for). The sales and marketing people on the team will represent only one-third of those business process dots. The production and delivery people will represent the other two-thirds.

Going back to basics will require the team to rethink who customers are and who they could be. They will need to identify the wishes, hopes and dreams of those customers and potential customers that the company may fulfill. And then they will need to guide the company in promising, producing and delivering fulfillment of those wishes, hopes and dreams (within the boundaries of financial reality).

Taking this zero-based, cross-functional approach a turnaround sales and marketing team can get sales and profits turned around (and often very quickly).